Cross Country Ski Tools & Ski Maintenance Equipment

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Cross Country Ski Tools to Care for Your Skis

Tools for cross country skiing are must-haves if you want to keep your cross country skis in top condition and get the most out of them. The ski bases can deteriorate if not treated properly. The wide range of temperatures, moisture exposure in different snow conditions and dirt can all affect the grip and glide zone of skis.

Cross country ski maintenance includes waxing, scraping and brushing. Cross country skin cleaner is used to remove dirt from the skins on classic cross country skis. Check out our Kick wax and Glide wax if you haven’t already seen our cross country wax collection.

How Do You Brush Cross country skis?

After you have waxed your cross country skis and removed the majority of wax with a ski scraper, it is time to use your brushes. Cross country ski brushes help remove wax that a scraper can’t, and it structures the base to further improve the performance of the ski.

Using long strokes, brush the skis from tip to tail with a medium amount of pressure. As you brush, you should be able to see the small particles of wax collecting at the end of your stroke. Continue the process until you can’t see any small wax dust anymore. A nylon ski brush is best if you will be skiing in very cold conditions, whereas a brass ski brush will better prepare your skis for warmer conditions. Using a horsehair ski brush is a good way to finish off the brushing process, no matter the weather conditions.

If your waxed classic skis are struggling in wet and warm snow conditions and can’t get a grip, check out Klister Wax. This gives the kick zone extra grip when the snow is too slippy.

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