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BMX is a cycling discipline, which was originally inspired by motocross and has undergone various developments since its creation. However, the characteristic features have remained the same, such as the chunky frame made of aluminium or steel and the wide tyres.

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The materials and size of the BMX bike depends on the specific discipline for which it is used for. You can divide BMX sports into two main disciplines, for which you need slightly different types of bikes: BMX Racing and Freestyle BMX. In addition, a range of Mini BMX bikes, have emerged. The Mini and freestyle variations are meant for stunts in the streets or skate park, not for racing. The conventional BMX has existed for several years, the Mini is a relatively new type of BMX, aimed at children as well as adults, and some people already consider it as a collectible.

BMX bikes for Racing or Freestyle BMX

BMX racing is a cycle sport, performed on race tracks, inspired by motocross. It is an individual, competitive sport. However, BMX aims at people of all ages, thus making it a popular family sport.

The racing type of bike is typically available with an aluminium frame and 20" wheels.

BMX bikes made for freestyle are designed for different disciplines, such as Street, Trails and Flatland. The type and quality of steel used for the frame of these bikes can vary. Many BMX bikes have frames made of Chromoly in a combination with hi-ten steel. Though Chromoly is not as light as aluminium, it is extremely strong and durable, and generally, a great material for BMX frames. Wheel sizes vary from 16" to 20". The 16" and 18" wheels are mostly for BMX bikes for children, whereas the 20" wheel is the most popular and widespread among most riders.

The development of the BMX bike

The history of BMX began in California in the beginning of the 1970s. In 1971, the movie “On any Sunday”, a documentary about motorcycle sport was released. The movie was a success, and many people consider it to be the launch of the BMX movement. Inspired by the documentary and the motocross sport in general, children began riding their bikes on dirt tracks, and in the middle of the 1970s, this led to the manufacturing of the first real BMX bikes – Strong, durable bikes designed for off-road usage. Around the same time, Freestyle BMX emerged, a discipline where tricks and techniques are more important than speed. Since then, the American Bicycle Association was founded, and in 1982, the first BMX world championships were held.

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