Skateboard Trucks

Axle Width
Hanger width

A wide range of skateboard trucks

If you prefer assembling your own skateboard or need new trucks, you will find a lot of skateboard trucks in different sizes and from popular brands such as Enuff and Independent.

Skateboard trucks are the T-shaped metal parts under your skateboard that attach your wheels to the deck. Trucks are made out of a combination of smaller parts; bushings, kingpins, axles and hangers. The higher the quality of these parts, the better your skateboard will perform.

Skateboards parts are sold either separately or in sets of two, but make sure to read the specifications presented on the product page to see if the price is for one skate truck or two. On this page you will also find complete truck sets consisting of trucks, wheels, spacers, shock pads, tools, etc. – in other words, everything you need for a skateboard except the deck itself.

If you would like to learn more about the function of each part and how they affect your skateboard and riding style, we recommend you read our Skateboard Trucks Guide.