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Ski goggles and snowboard goggles

Here you can find our entire range of snow goggles, so you are well equipped for the winter trips.

Good ski goggles are an important part of your skiing gear, especially when the weather is at its coldest during the middle of the winter. Ski goggles come at different price levels, and the extra value you get from buying the more expensive goggles typically have better quality lenses, that protect your eyes against bright sunlight.

Remember that even when the weather is cloudy and grey, the sun's reflection in the snow can be very strong. The more expensive ski goggles don't get fogged up as easily as the cheaper ones. Of course, the durability of the ski goggles is typically consistent with the price.

The lens of the snow goggles

When the weather is grey and cloudy and maybe in heavy snow, it's a good idea to have a lighter lens - maybe with a yellow tint. On the other hand - when the weather is light and sunny, a black, dark blue or grey lens will be the optimal choice. It's always a good idea to bring ski goggles with the right type of lens.

If you want optimal conditions it can be worth the while bringing two pairs of ski goggles, so you are prepared for all kinds of weather. Some goggles come with changeable lenses so that you can cover all your needs with just one pair of goggles - and some of the ski or snowboard goggles in our product range come with a free second lens. To avoid that your ski goggles get fogged up, most of the models are built from several layers together with an anti-fog material.

The fit of the ski goggles

The ski goggles should fit tightly on your face, without being too tight. All the snow goggles you find at SkatePro come with adjustable straps to keep the goggles in place. Many of the models do also have a wide panorama view, so you have a better overview of the entire skiing area. We also have special "over the glasses" goggles, OTG-models, that have room for your normal glasses under the ski goggles.

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