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What Kind of Stick Do I Use for Street Hockey?

When choosing a street hockey stick the first thing to determine is the material. Street hockey sticks, also known as roller hockey sticks or inline hockey sticks, are made of wood or composite materials.

In general, street hockey players prefer using a stick with a shaft made of wood. They are usually cheaper than sticks made of composites and it is better suited for street hockey, because it is more durable and heavier. On the other hand, street hockey sticks made of composite material are lighter and easier to control.

How Do I Size a Street Hockey stick?

Sticks for inline hockey and roller hockey are measured with the shaft alone (without the blade). Typically, hockey sticks made for adult players have a length from 140 to 158 cm (4'8"-5'3"). While junior hockey sticks are slimmer and have a length from 116 to 138 cm (3'10"- 4'7").

To find the right size hockey stick, hold it vertically in front of you with the blade toe on the ground and the shaft pointing towards your chin. If the street hockey stick cannot reach above your chin while wearing skates, they are of the correct size.

Can I Play Street Hockey With an ice Hockey stick?

You can definitely use an ice hockey stick for roller hockey and inline hockey. It is recommended to use an ABS blade for street hockey, as they tend to be more durable and can hold up the wear and tear of the asphalt.

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