Piste Skis & Carving Skis

Skill Level

Good to know

Carving skis for slalom and racing on the piste

Carving skis are also called piste skis since you can use them for most disciplines on the slopes. Some carving skis are quite advanced, while others are easier to use. Piste skis are designed for stability at high speeds, however, they can be challenging to manoeuvre. Because of that, they are best suited for advanced and expert skiers. These type of race skis are also used on a professional level, for example at the world cup.

The piste ski is a true carving ski

The piste ski is often built as a carving ski with a narrow waist and a wider front. At the same time, it comes with a stiff construction to provide stability. Even though piste skis are manufactured for the compact snow on the slopes, a few of the new models have a slightly different construction, making them a bit easier to use in off-piste conditions as well. However, only advanced skiers should try this out, as it can be quite difficult.

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