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What Are Freeskate Bearings?

Freeskate bearings can be found inside your wheels and are held in place by an axle. They are an essential component of your skating setup because they allow your skates to spin. The type of bearings for freeskates will make the difference in terms of speed and energy maximisation.

Choosing the Right Freeskate Bearings

The right freeskate bearings you should choose depend on a range of factors - material, precision (ABEC rating), skating style and skill level.

In general, kids and beginner skaters use ABEC 3 or ABEC 5 rated bearings, while intermediate to advanced skaters prefer ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 freeskate bearings. If you are an advanced skater that likes to make a lot of jumps, shreds and perform dancing and slalom moves, you might prefer a set of freeskate ceramic or Swiss bearings.

Effectively maintaining your freeskate bearings is the secret in keeping them lasting long, especially if you are inline skating often. Have a look at our Bearing Cleaning and Lubrication guide to learn more about bearings maintenance.

Freeskate Spacers Are Small but Essential Components

Although they are one of the smallest parts of your skate setup, don’t underestimate the importance of freeskate spacers. Spacers for freeskates are found in between the bearings, and reduce some of the stress and friction placed on them.

The two decisions to make with spacers are the size and the material. The size is the most important aspect to decide on and you will be able to choose between 6 mm and 8 mm. However, remember that the size you need is determined by the specs of your existing skates, namely the axle diameter.

Material is a personal preference and you can usually choose between plastic or metal models, however, most skaters choose aluminium as it possesses the good combination of being both lightweight and durable.

For more information on the specifics of spacers, then check out our Spacers Guide which will walk you through the essentials.

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