BMX Shin and Ankle Guards


What Are BMX Shin and Ankle Pads For?

BMX shin and ankle guards are essential for keeping safe and avoiding injury when riding your BMX. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, all BMX riders are recommended to wear protective gear below the knees. As you know, attempting tricks comes with the risk of injury so why not ride with confidence and peace of mind?

BMX shin pads prevent more than just bruises and shinners - a bad slam or fall can keep you off your bike for weeks or even months. BMX ankle guards do a similar job by protecting you from any hits against the pedal and provide support to your ankle area.

What Are the Best BMX Ankle and Shin Pads?

The ideal shin pads will keep you safe but also allow you to move freely. Protection for BMX can be hard or soft and worn above or below your clothing depending on the style. Hard shell pads offer the most protection, however they are bulkier and usually have to be worn above your clothes. Lightweight pads and sleeves use a softer protective layer that hardens on impact. These can be worn either below or above clothing. Both BMX ankle pads and shin pads can be bought individually or as a combined product.

If you are needing to complete your set of BMX protection, check out our wide range of BMX Protective Gear.

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