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Choosing a deck size for kids skateboards

As a beginner, it is especially important to choose a deck with the right width. It should almost have the same size as your shoe size and not be much wider than the length of your foot. This will allow you to place the tip of your shoes a bit over the deck, making it easier to control it. The board, however, should not be too narrow either since this cause you loss of balance and increase the risk of shoe bites (where the toecaps hit the asphalt and disturb your balance).

With the right size of deck beginners and kids will be able to manoeuvre the skateboard a whole lot easier, ensuring a good experience.

Skateboards for beginners that do not sacrifice on quality

This is the place to look if you need a kids skateboard for a beginner. Our skateboards are of high quality and come at reasonable prices. They are suitable for kids and beginners who find themselves in the early phases of skateboarding where it is all about getting to know your board and finding the right balance. Once the technique is in place, the skateboard for a beginner can also easily be used for more challenging skateboarding including tricks, flips, and jumps. The kids' skateboards in this category don't differ that much from the adult skateboards, and the main difference is to be found in the prints on the bottom of the deck. They are colourful and entertaining which usually has some appeal to the younger riders.

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