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How to Choose Inline skate Wheels?

Inline skate wheels can be found in different sizes, shapes and hardnesses. To choose the right inline skates wheels, you need to consider the kind of environment you want to skate in, together with your preferred skating style.

Inline skate Wheels Explained


Inline wheels range between 60 mm (very small) to 125 mm (big) in diameter. Small wheels are optimal for shorter rides and for skaters that require more agility, such as slalom or roller hockey skaters. If you are a fan of speed skating, long-distance skating and marathon skating then you should get bigger wheels. This type of wheel offers unmatched travel distance and speed.


The profile of inline skate wheels can be identified by the shape of your wheels. It determines how your wheels touch the ground when skating. A wide flat wheel provides better grip and more traction, but won’t slide well on most surfaces. Round wheels deliver good stability with a good ability to turn, and they are usually preferred by urban skaters and freestyle skaters. Narrower, pointy wheels are the preferred kind for speed skaters and long-distance skaters, as they ensure less rolling resistance and higher power transfer.


The durometer of the wheels defines their hardness. Wheels’ hardness is measured through an A-type scale. The rating scale goes from 0A to 100A. Inline skates wheels durometers are usually between 68A (soft) and 90A (hard). Soft wheels are used when you need more grip and speed is not a top priority, for example on the slippery surface of an indoor rink. In addition, they contribute to making the ride smoother, so it's a good idea to use them on rough asphalt. Offering less friction, hard wheels are optimal for urban bladers skating on smooth concrete at the skate park, as well as for skaters aiming at going faster than ever.

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