Parts for inline skate

All our skate parts are to be found here

Be prepared. Be prepared. Be prepared. There is nothing worse than having to bail out from a trip to the skatepark or the asphalt due to a material malfunction on your rollerblade parts. A broken axle or a stuck bearing can easily put a stop to your skating plans. Luckily we have all the standard skate parts to keep you rolling all day.

On this page, you'll find all the skate parts and accessories you need to maintain your roller blades. You will find everything from bigger skate parts like wheels and brakes to smaller skate parts like bearings and spacers.

For maintaining and cleaning your skates you can get various oils and sprays specifically made for that. If you like slalom skating, we also have cones for you to practise your slalom skills. And for more comfort in your skates, you can buy separate insoles, footies and liners to achieve a perfect fit.

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