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One-piece stunt scooter bars - durable and solid

They come in various designs and in a range of colours to let your scooter stand out from the crowd. The scooter bars are also available in different sizes to fit your height and riding style perfectly. All stunt scooter bars on this page are made out of one piece, which means they are a lot more solid and durable than foldable scooter bars.

Standard vs. oversized scooter bars

Before buying a stunt scooter bar, you have to consider whether you want a standard bar or an oversized scooter bar.

  • Standard bars have an outer diameter of 32mm and an inner diameter of 28mm.
  • Oversized bars have an outer diameter of 35mm and an inner diameter of either 28mm or 32mm.

Choosing a standard or oversized bar comes down to personal preference. Remember that if you buy an oversized bar with 32mm inner diameter, you will need a fork with HIC compression. On the other hand, oversized scooter bars with a standard of the internal dimension of 28mm, match standard forks.

Aluminium, steel or Titanium scooter bars?

The oversized stunt scooter bars with an inner diameter of 32mm are often made out of steel. Steel scooter bars are a bit heavier, but at the same time strong, very solid and therefore also very durable.

Oversized bars with an inner diameter of 28mm are usually made of aluminium. Aluminium scooter bars are light, but not as strong as steel bars. The lightweight material does, however, make it easier to do air tricks and is very suitable for park riding.

Last up we have Titanium scooter bars. Like the other two types of bars, these also come in both standard and oversized. The great things about Titanium bars are that not only are they light, they are also very durable. Titanium scooter bars are more expensive than the other two types but in the long run, they're worth it.

Y-bar or T-bar for scooters

Scooter bars are available in two main types, the Y-bar, and the T-bar. Also, several variants of these two shapes are made. The Y-bar has the shape of the letter Y and consists of three pieces or more, welded together in a Y configuration. The scooter T-bar consists of two pieces welded together in a T configuration. Some T-bars have reinforcements to the crossbar for added durability. Some pro scooter bars have a back sweep, which means that the bar is bent in a back angle, like many handlebars for bikes. Whether you prefer a stunt scooter bar with a back sweep or not is a matter of style, taste, and personal preference.

Check out our selection of stunt scooter bars on this page to upgrade your scooter. If you want to read more about pro scooter bars, you can read the Buying scooter bar guide.

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