BMX Sleeves


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What Are Bike peg Sleeves?

BMX peg sleeves are a type of replacement tube used for freestyle BMX bike pegs. Over time, your pegs will get worn out but instead of buying a whole new peg, you can simply get a replacement sleeve that can be fitted around your peg. Most peg sleeves are made from plastic so you can achieve longer and smoother grinds.

Remember though that sleeves are not the same as pegs, and you will need a regular peg before you get any sleeves. Also, bear in mind that not all pegs are compatible with all sleeves. It’s often the case that the brand of sleeve will only work with the same brand of peg, so be sure to check the sleeve product description first.

If it is some new pegs that you are after, then check out our selection of Bike pegs.

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