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Find the right BMX grips for your handlebars

BMX bike grips are important to stay in control of the handlebars. Soft grips are often preferred because they act as a shock absorber protecting the rider’s hands for major shocks.

When it comes to BMX grips, personal preferences is the keyword. Therefore freestyle riders tend to try a to try quite a few different models before settling on a specific brand and model.

You might discover that most BMX riders replace the grip on their BMX handlebars often. Things like sweaty hands, big drops, dirty bars, falls to the ground or rainy weather are all contributing to the destruction of your grips.

A pair of fresh and functional BMX grips are essential for keeping traction with the handlebar and are important to have if you want to perform your best. With very little or no traction, tricks, manuals and bar spins are more difficult to carry out.

Tricks for mounting the BMX grips

Most BMX riders recognise the struggle of mounting BMX handlebars grips. The rubber is so soft that the friction is insane. If you decide to buy a new set of grips, we have a few tips to making the process of replacing your old grips a lot smoother.

  • Air compressor – using an air compressor to blow air in between the bar and the grips makes the grips slide right on the handlebar.
  • Zip ties – using about four zip ties inside the grips gives a harder surface inside the grips and thereby makes it easier to slide them on, the zip ties are easy to remove after the grips have been mounted.
  • Window cleaner and other fast evaporating liquids – applying window cleaner or rubbing alcohol on the handlebar immediately before mounting make the surface of the bar slicker, and the grips will slide on easier.
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