Scooter Knee Pads


What Are Scooter Knee pads?

Scooter knee pads are essential protective gear when riding a scooter. Knee pads absorb any impacts when falling off your scooter and help prevent scrapes, bruises and joint injuries. Wearing knee protection not only helps avoid injury, but also gives you the confidence to try out new tricks. It is a good idea for every rider to use scooter knee pads, no matter your experience or riding style.

Scooter knee pads are versatile and can often be used for many other sports such as skateboarding and inline skating. The pads come in a wide range of designs, meaning that everyone can find a style that suits them.

What Are the Best Knee pads for Scootering?

The best knee pads for scootering are the ones that are secure but also flexible. If pads are too tight, they can feel uncomfortable and restrict your blood circulation. On the other hand, if they are too loose, then they can fall off. Most pads come with elastic or Velcro straps, providing you with great flexibility and an adjustable fitting.

Modern knee guards are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, enabling you to focus on what’s necessary to perform at your best. Most pads are made out of a soft, spongy material with a hard outer edge that will absorb shocks. Larger knee pads are ideal for ramps and come with a big plastic cap and thick padding. This will provide you with great protection during bigger falls.

Furthermore, many scooter pads come in a pack. So it is up to you if you want to buy your knee pads individually or with pads for your elbows and wrists as well. Wanting to buy a scooter pad set? Check out our range of 2-Pack Scooter Pads.

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