Cruiserboard Hardware

Good to know

Keep Your Setup Sturdy With Cruiser Skateboard Hardware

On this page, you’ll find the nuts, bolts and other hardware to keep your cruiserboard in great shape. It’s easy to forget about them, but having the right nuts and bolts is important to a good riding experience.

When selecting hardware, remember to choose the correct bolt length. Usually, you can choose between the sizes of ⅞ of an inch or 1 inch, but you may need to go for longer models if you are using riser pads.

Like all skateboard hardware, cruiser nuts and bolts are designed in either a Phillips or Allen-head style. Although this won’t impact your riding, remember to have the right screwdriver or Allen key here to make adjustments.

If you need the right tools to adjust your nuts and bolts, then have a look at our Cruiser Skateboard Tools.

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