Longboard Gloves and Slide Pucks

Are Longboard Slide Gloves Necessary?

Longboarders use specialist gloves that enhance their riding experience. Known as longboard slide gloves, they are used to maintain balance while “hands down” sliding around corners. The gloves are recognizable thanks to their slide pucks - the round discs that you find on most longboard gloves. This is what you place most of your weight on when riding.

Longboard gloves are specially designed to be lightweight, flexible and provide a secure fit. Longboard gloves are traditionally made from leather. Leather gloves are known for their durability and abrasion resistance. Other materials gloves are commonly made from include a combination of materials such as nylon, suede and Kevlar fingertips.

Longboard Slide Pucks Help You Stay in Control

Along with providing added protection, slider pucks give you more control when riding meaning they are particularly useful for freeride and downhill longboarding. It’s most common to have a puck for the palm, but you can also get individual pucks for each finger. For the best performance, palm pucks should be placed toward the heel of your hand.

Even though most pucks are made out of polyurethane, they take a lot of wear and tear and need to be replaced regularly.

Another important element for staying in control on your longboard is the grip tape, so check out our range of Longboard Grip tape.

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