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Ski Trousers Keep You Warm and Dry

Ski trousers are an essential part of ski attire, and they should not be overlooked when buying new ski clothes. Your legs are doing most of the work when skiing, so keeping them happy will help you get the most enjoyment out of your ski day. Ski trousers are generally divided into three types: insulated, hard shell, or softshell.

Which Ski Pants Should I Choose?

Insulated ski pants are the most common type and come in a wide range of designs. The insulation adds warmth and additional protection from wind. They are normally accompanied by an outer shell that provides waterproofing.

Shell ski pants prioritize waterproofing and wind proofing. These snow pants come without insulation, so are suited for skiers that don’t need additional warmth or prefer to use base layer pants for extra heat. They are also used for backcountry skiing because they are lightweight and breathable.

Softshell ski pants are the most breathable options to get. The fabric, of course, is soft and stretchy, making them very comfortable to wear. These non-insulated ski pants are designed with softer fabrics, so the level of waterproofing and warmth is decreased.

Small details that you can find among all types of ski trousers are adjustable waistbands with belt loops, snow gaiters that block snow from entering your boots and leg ventilation zips to release heat when necessary. There are also snow bibs or ski bibs that have adjustable suspenders for the shoulders. They are great if you need extra pockets and are super comfortable to wear.

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