Off-Road Roller Blades

Going off-track with off-road skates?

Off-road skates are inline skates, that are specially made for off-road trips with skates. Nordic Skating is a combination of Nordic Walking, cross-country skiing and inline skating. When you skate on off-road rollerblades, you use poles for momentum and stability. The technique is very similar to the one you would use when cross-country skiing. Off-road skates, also called Nordic skates, are for skaters who would like to try new inline activities and skiers who want to train out of season. If you are even more ambitious with your training, it is also possible to get roller skis that are longer than the off-road skates and are very similar to cross-country skis. There are many benefits to gain by using Nordic skates. Besides being able to skate in areas that are normally impossible to skate in, Nordic skating is also a very effective form of exercise.

The advantages of Nordic skates

You can use all kinds of inline skates as off-road skates. But the skates in this category are especially suited for the purpose because they have a built-in braking device for optimal training.
Off-road rollerblades usually have 2 inflatable wheels and the boot is placed in the middle. The big air tyres make it easy to skate off the road.

Off-road skates come with a hard boot which provides extra protection. Nordic skates have a special breaking device that makes the brake push against the wheel. The braking pad is replaceable.

When you choose poles for your cross skates, it's important that you choose the right length. An easy way to be on the safe side is to buy adjustable poles to start with. This way you could also share a pair of poles with a rider with a different height.

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