Inline Speed Skating

What Is Inline Speed Skating?

Inline speed skating, also known as roller speed skating, is a form of skating where the goal is to reach the highest possible speeds. The sport is often competitive, and skaters race either individually or in teams aiming to achieve the fastest possible time.

Race skating can take place either indoor or outdoor and it features in many prominent sporting competitions around the world. Mastering inline speed skating takes practise, so it is worth getting to grips with other forms of skating before giving it a try. Race skaters use three or four wheels on their boots. Furthermore, inline speed skating should not be confused with speed skating, which takes place on ice.

How Fast Can You Go on Speed skates?

Professional inline skaters can routinely reach speeds of over 40 mph (64.37 kph) and there have even been instances of skaters reaching over 70 mph when traveling downhill.

To reach the highest possible speeds, the technique of an inline speed skater is slightly different from other forms of skating. Because the wheels used are larger, you will need more strength in your stride. You will need to twist and rock the hips to maximise the force and power transfer while you are skating. Moreover, the strokes need to be deeper and larger to generate sufficient power. It is generally considered harder to turn on speed skates. Overall, this technique means that inline speed skating is a great source of full-body cardio.

How to Start Speed Skating

It’s best to be comfortable and confident with regular inline skating before starting speed skating. While you can still reach a decent speed with recreational and freeskates, you will need a pair of Speed skates to reach the fastest speeds. Indoor speed skating usually takes place on a plastic-coated wooden floor and outdoor skating can be on a regular pavement or road.

Although you can speed skate on your own, consider joining your local club to help develop your technique and find the best places to practise.

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