Good to know

Add parts and customise your board

You don't want to be out on the ocean missing a screw a bolt or an extra spare fin. This will ruin the day and send you home early.

If you want to prohibit this from happening, we suggest that you take a good look at this category of wakeboard gear and wakeboard equipment.

You will also find fins in this category, even though fins on a wakeboard aren’t a necessity. Fins are an advantage when doing transitions from rail to rail. They will add control and prevent you from sliding out.

However, many riders choose to ride their wakeboard finless, if they have a strong focus on tricks with slides on boxes and rails, where the fins could get stuck or even break off.
It can just feel like driving a car on an icy road at times. You can still guide the car or in this case, the wakeboard carefully across the slippery surface and remain in some kind of control. But if you add aggression and speed to your ride, your traction and control will decrease drastically.

The fin has a huge impact on the overall surfing experience. The fin alone will change the riding characteristics and feel of a wakeboard. If you own a board that feels fast and has no fins can easily be transferred to a board with a much slower feel, just by adding fins of a certain type.

If you need to adjust the feel of your board in a certain way, just give us a call, and we will guide you in the direction of what fins to buy.

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