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Which scooter stunt pegs should I choose?

Pegs for scooters are a nice upgrade for your stunt scooter if you want to explore different tricks and stunts. Stunt pegs are not standard parts on a stunt scooter and only for riders who would like to take the sport a step up. On this page, you will find a wide range of scooter stunt pegs to match your riding style and budget.

Stunt scooter pegs are usually made out of steel, plastic or aluminium and primarily used for grinding tricks. There is no right or wrong material to get your pegs in. It's a question about preferences and style of riding.

Aluminium stunt pegs:

  • Are lighter and also more popular, but at the same time slightly weaker.
  • Are preferred by most park riders.

Steel stunt pegs:

  • Are heavier yet more durable.
  • Are the main choice for street riding.

Plastic stunt pegs:

  • Are the lightest option, but at the same time weakest
  • Is suitable for both street and park riding

Note: When grinding curbs (harsh and uneven surfaces like concrete and stone edges) wax or stearin might be useful in order to make the grinding experience smoother.

Even though most scooter stunt pegs have a mounting bolt included, bear in mind that not all pegs fit each pro scooter. A rule of thumb is to buy pegs, deck and fork from the same brand to be sure it'll fit together. In case you are in doubt, please contact us and we'll figure it out.

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