Speed Skate Boots

Good to know

Speed skate boots - a very slim look

A speed skate boot has a very slim and streamlined look. There is no doubt, that these boots are produced and optimised for high speed. Some of the very low cuffed boots look more like a regular shoe than they look like something that can be mounted on a frame with some wheels and travel at speeds around 60 kph.

It’s very important that the inline speed skate boots provide good support and fit your feet well. Since the boots are optimised for speed, things like liners and a high cuff have been removed. That being said, some of the speed skate carbon boots can be heat moulded for the best fit possible.

If you haven't tried speedskating before or comes from a pair of fitness skates, this transformation to minimum comfort can be quite an obstacle. Especially on the longer training sessions out on the roads. But don’t worry - your feet will soon get used to the lack of ankle support and a soft liner.

Powerslide equals high-quality speed skate boots

We carry a lot of different speed skate boots from Powerslide that in our opinion is the best brand when it comes to speed skates. If we take a look at a high-prestige marathon like the Berlin marathon almost all of the top skaters use Powerslide skates. The shell on most of the powerslide skate boots is made out of 100 % carbon. Carbon is both very light but at the same time a very durable material, which makes it perfect for speed skates.

On this page, you will find boots for speed skates for men and women.

Good boots for speed skating are made of carbon and can be heat moulded for a perfect fit. You also find custom-made speed skate boots especially for you based on a cast of your feet.

Boot covers

The fall and winter can be a challenging time of the year to practise sports such as speed skating, inline speed skating, and roller skating. Your feet get wet and frozen, and this is something that can ruin the day when you are out doing your favourite sport. But why let the weather and temperature dictate when you are allowed to do what you love?

Boot covers, or overshoes as some call them, are made to protect your feet from the weather and are a must-have if you want to ride all year long. The covers you find in this category are made from a material, that keeps water and wind out. Simply to prevent your feet from getting wet and cold.

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