Speed Skate Boots

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Speed Skate Boots - A Very Slim Look

A speed skate boot has a very slim and streamlined line that is optimised for high speed. Since the boots are optimised for speed, things like liners and a high cuff have been removed. Some very low cuffed boots look more like a regular shoe than something that can be mounted on a frame with some wheels and reach speeds up to 60 kph. It’s very important that the inline speed skate boots provide good support and fit your feet well. That being said, some speed skate carbon boots can be heat moulded for the best possible fit.

If you haven't tried speed skating before or you are used to skating in a pair of fitness skates, this transformation to minimum comfort can be quite an obstacle, especially on the longer training sessions out on the roads. But don’t worry - your feet will soon get used to the lack of ankle support and a soft liner.

How Are Speed Skate Boots Supposed to Fit?

Inline speed skate boots need to fit snugly. If they are too big, you risk your feet sliding around and not providing you with good ankle support.

As a general rule, you should choose a pair of inline speed skate boots the same size as your shoe size. To find the right pair of speed skate boots, you should wear a thin pair of smooth socks when trying them out, as they are best for skating in. Always remember to check the size guide for every pair of boots you are interested in, each brand designs its speed skating boots equipment differently.

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