Roller Ski Boots

Roller Ski boots vs. Cross Country Boots

The amount of options when it comes to roller skiing boots has never been as high as it is today. It used to be standard to just use your winter gear such as cross country boots, but nowadays there are being made plenty of different roller ski boots that fit the purpose of roller skiing exactly.

One of the reasons as to why roller ski boots are better for roller skiing than cross country boots is that boots made for roller skiing have a lot less isolation than winter boots. Because of the decreased isolation of warmth, rollerski boots are much more comfortable to use when the temperature is anywhere above 5 degree Celsius.

Rollerski Boots – the connection between price and fit

When it comes to buying rollerski boots it is important that you do not compromise too much on the price. If you pay a little more for your roller ski boots, your feet will get better and tighter support, which boosts your power transfer and thereby your speed. Price and comfort go hand in hand in most cases, so a higher price also usually means higher comfort and a better fit.

When going on a rollerski trip, it is rarely a short distance or a short trip you have ahead of you. If your boots don’t fit properly, and your feet are uncomfortable, you most likely won’t get as good an experience as you could have had. Therefore, think about your feet to get a good trip on your roller skis.

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