Ski Clothing & Ski Wear

Ski Clothes To Keep You Warm in the Alpine

Wearing the correct ski clothes will keep you warm, dry and comfortable while you spend your time skiing around the mountains. Ski resorts experience freezing temperatures, regular snowfall and unpredictable winds, so it is important to be fully prepared with the appropriate ski apparel.

What Ski Wear Do I Need?

A base layer, mid layer and outer layer are the big three items of clothing of snow apparel that will keep you happiest no matter what the weather brings.

Base layers are the thermal ski clothes that are responsible for moving moisture and sweat away from the body while also keeping you warm. The fitting of the base layers should be snug and sit close to your skin and can be worn on the upper and lower body. Check out our collection of Thermal Underwear & Long Johns.

A Mid layer is the clothing you wear between the base layers and outer layer. It is used to keep your upper body warm, but is easily removable if you need to cool down. Therefore, it is of great use to help you regulate your body temperature. See our Mid Layers for Skiing.

Outer layers function as a shell that protects against snow, rain and wind. These can be in the form of ski jackets or snow trousers, with some models being fleece-lined for light insulation. See our range of Ski Jackets and Snow Trousers.

Whether you decide to ski or snowboard, all the snow clothes found in this section are suitable for both sports. Other clothing items that are equally important in both sports are Ski Gloves, Snow Gloves & Mittens.

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