Bags for Rollerskiing

Rollerski Bags Are Perfect For Transporting and Storing

Having a bag to securely transport and store your roller skis is essential for any skier. Here, you’ll find our selection of rollerski bags that will store your skis along with any small accessories.

Roller ski bags are designed specifically for rollerskis, and are therefore slightly smaller than the regular ski bags that are used for alpine or cross country skis. This will make sure that your roller skis will fit snugly and avoid damage during transport. Furthermore, a lot of the bags here also have straps, making them easy and convenient to transport around.

Along with transport, roller ski bags are also a handy way to store skis after use, preventing any damage to them if they are lying around the house.

Get Ready to Roll With Bags for Rollerskiing

The great thing about rollerskiing is that you are spoilt for choice for where you can practise. So, if you find yourself often traveling around to explore new environments, then it’s a good idea to get a rollerski bag. Shaped like the ski bags you are used to, only much shorter, these will securely store your rollerskis when you are going on long journeys.

Carry Your Important Belongings in a Rollerski Backpack

While rollerskiing there are many reasons to carry a rollerski backpack or waist belt with you. Backpacks can carry spare equipment such as spare wheels, nuts & bolts and tools in case any sudden repairs need to be made on the go. There is also enough space in the packs to carry extra layers of clothing, water bladders and energy snacks.

The smaller type of packs used for rollerskiing are drink belt bags and waist bags. These attach around the skier's waist and can carry smaller items that aren’t going to add much extra weight. Keys, phones, band-aids, water bottles and sun cream are all common items stored in these compacted bags.

Other small items that are carried in rollerski packs when they are not being used are Ski Gloves and Rollerski Head Torches.

If you think the time has come to get yourself to a new pair of rollerskis, then head to our main Rollerski category to browse our selection.

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