Kids Ski Helmets


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Reliable and Safe Kids ski Helmets

Kids ski helmets are the first piece of protection that you should get for your children. Skiing can be a dangerous sport as it involves high speeds, so high-quality ski helmets can protect the head and brain from serious injuries. Every child experiences falling on skis as they are still developing their balance and awareness skills, so having a proper fitting kids helmet is essential. They also act as a great layer of warmth and can give a child that bit of extra confidence while skiing.

Features to look for in kids and toddler ski helmets are comfortable chin straps and ear pads, and that it is certified and approved to be safe for skiing and snowboarding. Every one of our kid’s snow helmets is certified, and this information can be found in the product's specifications.

Get A Size Adjustable Kids ski Helmet

One of the nice things found on many youth ski helmet models is the adjustable dial found on the back. This adjustable system means that you can turn the dial to make the head circumference size bigger or smaller to fit your child. This is not only useful to have for growing children, but it means the helmets can be used by younger or older siblings.

Another piece of kids ski protection that has recently been seen as very beneficial, is junior back protectors. Check out our full range of adults and kids Back Protectors.

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