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Powerslide Fothon Envy LED Inline Skate Wheels 4-Pack

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The Fothon wheel is full of LED lights that light up when rotated. This will bring light to your skating experience turning night into day.

The longer-lasting Super high rebound PU material gives you a high-quality performance wheel with a fast and smooth roll. ideal for urban skating. With Fothon wheels you will become the star of the night.

Notice: The wheels will run on a 6mm spacer but the lights can only be activated by an 8mm spacer - This is due to the fact that the generator for the lights sits in the wheel hub. 6mm spacers are not included.

Wheel diameter:
72mm, 76mm, 80mm, 84mm, 90mm
Wheel hardness:
Bearings and spacers:
Only Spacers included
Wheels per pack:
Core material:
reviews   (22)
Real nice wheels, as they are magnet they can get slower, but I'm using them with ceramic bearings and I don't notice losing of speed. One of the wheels stoped working, I did change the magnet spacer, but apart from that they have a lovely material they are 82A but fill like a 86A. And the are comfortable. And as always skatpro service is amazing and fast, 2 days for uk. Love you guys, you make my feets happy.
Paulo Levi Silva Bras (Ipswich)
Rating: 4 of 5!
These are great wheels that light brightly and are fun to use. I noticed a tiny bit of drag while doing one of my skate tricks (rolling backwards down a moving escalator) but it was worth it for how cool they looked. I will definitely buy them again and was very happy to find them in 72mm! Skate Pro delivered great customer service too!!
Elaine Monsef (San Francisco)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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