Hockey Tape & Hockey Grip tape

What Is Hockey Grip tape Used For?

Hockey grip tape, which is similar in feel to surgical tape, is used at the top of the hockey stick to improve the player's grip on the stick. It is applied by wrapping the shaft from top to bottom in a spiral motion. This grip is primarily for the upper hand so it does not need to go far down the stick. The area that the lower hand sits should not be gripped as it needs to remain free to manoeuvre the stick.

Hockey stick tape is normally found on the blade of a hockey stick to improve control of the puck. The hockey stick blade often becomes damaged from repetitive shooting and passing, so applying hockey tape will prolong its lifespan. Putting on the tape is as easy as wrapping it around in a spiral, going from the heel to toe of the blade. It can also be applied to the shaft of the stick and other hockey equipment.

Whether you want to tape the blade or tape the shaft, both are designed to improve the hockey player’s control and overall experience. They come in a variety of colours and are very useful hockey accessories to have in your kit bag.

If you feel that no amount of hockey tape is going to save your old, battered stick, then head over to our Ice hockey Sticks page and give yourself an early birthday present.

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