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Custom Scooters - stand out from the crowd

On this page, you will find a great selection of custom scooters. Custom stunt scooters are the perfect choice for those of you who want the strongest setup possible, made of several parts from different brands to ensure you great quality and durability, and suit your style and personality.

Riding on a custom stunt scooter might even give you that extra bit of confidence to try that ultimate advanced trick. As there are only a few editions of each custom scooter available, you will definitely stand out from the crowd at your local skate park.

Match height and style with custom stunt scooters

Each part on these custom scooters has been carefully selected to make them as durable as possible. Therefore, you will find various setups with different compression systems to suit your riding style and height. A custom scooter is also a good option for taller riders, who might have a hard time finding a durable scooter in the more common scooter section. Our custom stunt scooters are generally available in the 79cm to a massive height of 98cm sizes.

All our custom scooters are pre-assembled and dialled-in by our experts in our workshop, so they are ready to use right out of the box.

Build your own custom pro scooter

We advise you to take a look at our Custom Scooter Builder function, a great tool to customise your own pro scooter when you want to mix and match styles and brands. This especially comes in handy if you do not find a customised complete scooter that is 100% to your liking.

Affordable completes

SkatePro also offers completes entirely made of parts from the same manufacturer. Complete stunt scooters are suitable for beginners who want to give scooter riding a go, as well as for more advanced riders. This means that this option is generally a good way to stay within budget, as selecting every part separately will be more costly. See the more common stunt scooters here.

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