How to Mount a BMX Brake

Here we will guide you through how to mount a BMX brake on a BMX bike. Follow the text and pictures step by step.

1. Insert the long cable on the brake lever.

2. Turn the cable tightener, so all three openings are aligned. Now insert the cable into the cable tightener.

3. Close the cable tightener.

4. Place the end of the cable into the cable carriers underneath the frame, pointing to the rear of the bike.

5. The result should look like this, underneath the frame.

6. Now, mount the short cable on the top of the brake arm.

7. Bring the cable around the seat post tube.

8. Next, the end of the short cable needs to be mounted on the lower brake arm. The cable must go through the small hole in the bolt, which is mounted on the brake arm.

9. Now, tighten the bolt on the brake arm with a 10mm spanner, so the end result looks like the brake on the picture underneath.

10. Now, you need to mount the cable connector at the end of the long cable.

11. Tighten the cable and tighten the bolt on the cable connector with a 10mm spanner.

12. Correct the brake pads, so that they are sitting right on the edge of the rim.

13. There may be a lot of cable in excess, so shorten the cable in accordance with the excess cable.

14. Now, mount the cable ends to the cables, and close the cable ends on both cables with a plier.

If you are still in doubt about how to mount your BMX brake, please contact us here.

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