Powerslide kids Size Guide

This sizing guide offers advice for helmets, protective equipment and inline skates from Powerslide.


Inner circumference for child helmets:

  • S 48-52cm
  • M 52-56cm

Usually, foam in 2 different thicknesses is included, so you can ensure a better fit of the head.

Protective equipment

Indicative table. Select protective equipment in XS and XXS if the child is under 155cm tall and weighs less than 50kg. XXS is recommended for children of around 3-5 years.

< 155 cm 155 - 160 cm 160 - 170 cm 170 - 180 cm 180 - 190 cm 190 cm
< 50 kg S S S M M L
50 - 60 kg S S S M L L
70 - 80 kg M M M M L L
80 - 85 kg L M M L L L
85 - 90 kg L L L L L L
90 - 95 kg L L L L XL XL
95 - 100 kg XL XL L L XL XL
100 - 110 kg XL XL XL XL XL XL

Inline skates
Usually, you have to pick roller skates 1 size above your normal shoe size, but kids skates can often be adjusted in size so that they span several sizes, that way the child does not grow out of the skates so fast.

If overlap does not fit you can always try to put an extra old spare sole into the skate + take a thick sock on if the skate is too big, even if you have adjusted it to the smallest size.

It is important that roller skates are not loose on the foot, it should always follow the child's foot 100%

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