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Loaded longboards

Loaded Dervish Sama Complete Longboard

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Flex: 2
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With a slightly wider platform than its predecessor, the Dervish Sama balances comfort, edge control, and responsiveness. Combined with a more pronounced concave profile, the extra width enhances turn initiation and slide control. Added subtle nose and tail kicks to increase pop and lock your feet in for freestyle tricks. The neck and dropthrough cutout were also updated for increased durability under hard riding. A six-piece griptape pattern provides enhanced control at the kicks and facilitates comfortable footwork maneuvers on the standing platform without interfering with the board’s flex pattern.

This version comes with Orangatang Wheels Durian wheels, Paris Trucks and Loaded Jehu Bearings.

  • Flex 1 is recommended for persons 75-114+ Kg.
  • Flex 2 is recommended for persons 45-84+ Kg.
  • Flex 3 is recommended for persons 35-68+ Kg.
Deck width:
9.25" (23.5cm)
Deck length:
42.5" (108cm)
Deck material:
Additional materials:
Deck features:
Double kicktail, Twin tip, Cut outs
Grip tape:
Truck type:
Inverted kingpin, Drop through
Hanger width:
7" (180mm)
Wheel diameter:
Wheel width:
Wheel hardness:
Bearing precision:
Riding Style:
Freestyle, Dancing
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