Trucks Flat Longboard / Skateboard Riser Pads

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Looking to create room for bigger wheels or to dampen vibrations on your board?

If you have ever been on a skateboard that is prone to wheel bites, you know that this can be a huge challenge and a right pain to skate. This is why risers are used. They help you create the space needed to ride your favourite size wheels and dampen out road vibrations as well.

Slightly less responsive but far more cruise-able

  • A straight connection between deck and truck will always be the most responsive, whereas a board with risers will be more comfortable to skate
  • Hard riser pads are nice for setups that demand a bit of feedback, where the soft ones are perfect for the pure cruiser boards
  • These Bear Flat risers are offered up here in both soft and hard versions and in different thickness' to match your setup


Pieces per pack:
Product thickness:
0.25" (0.6cm)

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Good hard risers only difference is these have 8 holes.
Jason S. (Melbourne)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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