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X Stranger Things Cruiser Deck

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Madrid Boards have been in the skateboard-game for decades - All the way back to the time when boards had an actual shape to them and not just the standard popsicle shape that is widespread nowadays.

Their boards have been well represented in movies and TV-shows. Their latest collaboration was sparked by the use of the Iconic "Explosion" complete board in the hit Netflix-series "Stranger Things". Particularly in season two where Mad Max rides this setup.

Through this collaboration a range of stranger shaped boards came to be. Here is the board paying tribute to the strange girl 11, from the show. This deck has a wide size and a very heavily 80's inspired concave and shape. This board will be awesome to skate in vert-/bowl-sessions or just as an everyday cruiser.


  • Included in the package:
    • Authentication sticker with unique serial number
    • Protective Boardbag with collectible Hazard-poster
  • Predrilled holes in the deck for use with either cruiser trucks or regular skateboard-trucks
  • Handcrafted in Huntington Beach, California


Deck width:
10" (25.4cm)
Deck length:
30" (76cm)
Deck material:
Maple, 7-ply
Deck features:
Grip tape:
Not included

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Anything Stranger Things related will always be bangin!
Danny Roberts (Rugby)
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