Skate Wax for scooters

Make things slide smoothly with scooter wax

With a bit of scooter wax on your scooter deck, you can slide rail and grind curbs easier when you do tricks. Use the grind wax (or kerb wax as it also called) on the surface you are about to ride on or rub it underneath your scooter deck, to reduce friction.

Though scooter wax reduces friction when you hit those hard surfaces in the skate park or on the street, you need to be aware that you don’t use too much, or you risk that your scooter slides out under you.

Kerb wax: A little thing that’s going to make a difference

A piece of scooter wax is a sturdy part of any scooter riders stash when they go out riding. No matter if you’re going to the park or shredding your favourite street spot these small colourful lumps of grind wax in all kind of shapes and sizes can come in handy to make rails, benches, funboxes, stairs and verts easier to grind and slide.

So remember, if you have a bad session where you can’t lock in any slides or grind a piece of kerb wax might turn the day into one of those scooter sessions you’ll remember for a long time.

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