Longboards for Kids

Good to know

Kids longboards for younger riders

Why do you need a kids’ longboard and not a regular one? Well, because regulars are long.Those longboards’ decks are normally made to fit better their riders’ size. They are made slightly smaller and also narrower to make the toe- and heel-ing easier, so they don’t need to move their feet around on a broad deck to be able to make tight turns. A kid’s longboard will also normally be lighter, which is quite convenient when it comes to doing tricks on the longboard or if you have to carry it around for a while.

Longboards for kids in all shapes & colours

Rather than that, those boards come in various shapes and types, just like their grown-ups versions. So if you need to decide on which kind of longboard you need to get check out our longboard buyers guide. There we describe the various shapes and forms of a longboard and it all refers to the youngsters’ boards as well.

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